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  1. bahamas


    for those of you investing in gold-newmont mining, go to to find out more about the gold scandal

    involving this company.
  2. What do you see there that would convince anyone they had done something wrong?

    What is it they are being accused of doing?

    They say it was securities fraud, but never say what the fraud was supposed to be.
  3. bahamas


    it is as simple as they misrepresented themselves as the owners

    of the mines they were mining . they are being accused of

    stealing. if you do a little research you will be able to absorb the

    main idea of the story... start with a google search.

    let us know what you come-up with.
  4. bahamas


    read through the documents in the web page and you will be able to bring yourself up to speed on the facts, if you haven't already done so.