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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by johnstac, Jul 16, 2007.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I have been trading for about 6 months. I broke about even and then stopped for about a year. Mostly because of stress. I was treating my family like crap and made stock trading my entire life. Bad idea. Anyway, I really want to do it different this time. I picked up a book called Mastering the Trade by John Carter. This is a great book but I would say it so for the medium to advanced trader. I need a more novice guide to charts, rsi, trailing stops, etc. These terms are all kind of foreign to me. Has anyone read something they just absolutely loved and refer back to it often? I don't have time to do much reading so I would really like something that will get into these basics but not some huge 1000 page manual. Easy reading would be preferred. Thanks in advance.

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    First, congrats on breaking even on a year in which, as you claim, had no basic TA knowledge. Alot of people would have lost alot of money doing what you did.

    Technical Analysis Explained is a good book.
  3. I'm an investor for the most part but have read some trading books. One book that really really makes very good sense to me and preaches an extremely nice and simplistic, yet thorough, method of trading is Come Into My Trading room by Elder.

    The screens he uses make a lot of sense and would probably work well...I just read it out of curiosity, not to actually trade using his methodology.
  4. Yes. Dr Elder. Definitely.

    Come into My Trading Room is an exceptional book for starting out. Even after years in the game I still refer to that as being the "root of all knowledge" inside me... Two thumbs up.
  5. Yes, even though I don't really trade, his methods for using technicals make so much sense, are so clear, and are written in such a manner that it is compelling to want to at least test them out.