Newegg, They rock....

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    Newegg is indeed a good outfit.

    As to unions... they are toast. Adios. Sayonara. Or perhaps, more appropriately: Zài jiàn

    They have been sold out by the very weasels they put into power. A global workforce which U.S. (many in in name only) companies can outsource to make breaking the unions here trivial. Their last bastion of power was in the public sector and now that is going to be broken too.

    They were made promises that their corporate masters never really intended to keep if things didn't go well, or if a more desirable model was unearthed (i.e. outsourcing without the massive tariff implications).

    We're headed back to the days of robber barons folks. You can sit in the capital building in Milwaukee and cry about it or you can get your stuff together and take advantage of the burning embers of a once great nation and get to work building some protection before it is too late.

    It is going to be a long nasty slide down into traditional capitalistic social strata (basically, elites and then the rest of you are living paycheck to paycheck), unless something drastic (and probably much worse) takes hold.
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  2. UPS is shit; i've had more delayed/rescheduled deliveries with them than with Fedex. i ship with fedex and they're about 10% cheaper for small packages, and they've been reliable.

    and what's with this union shit? Newegg is NON-UNIONIZED and you praised them, so wtf is your point?

    unions are garbage
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  3. I used them twice and have been happy, can't believe they are profitable in CA. Better than tiger for sure.
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  4. i told ya..

    buy a DELL dude :D
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  5. You do realize unions in the last century has helped the wages, working conditions and security of the middle class and our strong middle class is one of the main reasons our country has been so good in the last century, the best in our country's history. I'm afraid we are now in a race to the bottom in terms of wages of the working class in America. It's been happening for decades now and is getting worse. In the not to distance past a working man could make enough with one job to support a family and his wife could stay home and raise the kids and he would get weekends off and have enough time to live a life, those days are over for the working man. If you like this country we all should want a prosperous middle class.
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    Not feeling up to completely dissasembing and reassebling my PC.
    My understanding that there a 5-15%l chance of failure after ~3 years and the sata2 ports just slow down until they die. There is no data corruption.
    My MB has 4 sata3 ports that I can fall back to if signs appear.

    An easy solution is just to buy a 20 $ sata card. Too bad Intel/newegg doesn't give this option for free.

    Lesson learned here for me:wait at least 3 month b4 buying the new tech.
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  8. newegg does good.

    friends work there. but employee discount pretty
    much only covers tax. lol
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    FWIW, I ordered that jazzed up heatsink and fan for the cpu chip because upon sending back the bad mobo i surely had to remember to remove the INTEL chip.

    After i removed the chip from the mobo i looked at the heat transfer "goo" that came stock on the Intel heatsink/fan combo. Well even considering the half baked third rate tiedown, the contact between the chip and the heatsink was abysmal at best.

    I quickly decided to get a better after-market heatsink/fan combo to even consider overclocking.

    Better safe than sorry she, opp's, i always say.
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