Newegg, They rock....

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    agree. newegg is tops
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  4. how fast of a computer / hardware do u need to trade?

    not too much no?
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    I also got a P67 defective MB from Newegg
    Newegg is great but I am not happy with intel here.

    Shipping and replacing a MB is a major hassle for me.
    Would be much easier and cheaper for all to just have the option of getting a free SATA card. They are like 20-30$. New MB+shipping both ways is likely close to 200$ (+the scrap waste the old MB will generate)

    Never a first adopter again!

  6. If you can't beat 'em, have Congress hobble 'em. That's the motto of some in corporate America, and Exhibit A might be United Parcel Service's campaign to get Washington to impose its labor woes on rival Federal Express. This would be one more union bailout at the expense of business competition and economic efficiency.

    House Transportation Chairman James Oberstar (D., Big Labor) last year slipped 230 words into a spending bill that would make it easier for the Teamsters to unionize FedEx. This ambush was included at the urging of UPS, which has been saddled with the Teamsters for decades and wants FedEx to feel its pain.
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    and how much lower are FEXEX prices with such cheap labor?

    UPS is a top flight outfit. there drivers have been known to make many recepionists swoon and squirm in their seats as Buster Brown shows up..ON TIME, all the time.

    I love Unions, they had a whole lot to do in making the middle class. Where is the middle class now? UPS is a perfect example that proves a company can be great with a well oiled reliable faithful workforce.

    No more posts on this subject, you know i am why should i argue with greed? HOG OUT!!
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    Well, i agreed to have Newegg do option "B" That was to authorize them to charge my card if they send out a replacement mobo.

    I agreed, they called me, the mobo was sent out with UPS next day AIR. And a UPS shipment label to send the bad one back within 30 days and they will not charge my card. UPS tracking and reliable service will assure me the bad one will reach whittier in time.

    Hassle free exchange. INTEL gets the bill. NOT you.
  9. I think half their workforce is non union. Thats like 250K employees, if they were ALL union, UPS would be screwed most likely.
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    I believe thats right. From what I understand they have an interesting mix between management and the drivers and laborers. The non-union guys also have to very precise to the union personnel on shift changes, meals, etc.

    I'm not anti-union but if I operated my company with a full union setting, it would not be competitive or in my mind realistic in some scenarios with rigid contracts on small items taking away from the work drive and overall cost/efficiency

    And this of course is an awful generalization, but I've done work and worked with many union based companies and the majority would not put forth 1 extra inch of effort if its not written somewhere. Efficiency just gets lost in there as well with real world scenarios. - again, generalization.. not all are bad

    Last rant is I'm based out of Philadelphia, and its very much a union city. If you are non-union and try to do work that is "designated" as union job (construction, electrical, etc), they will fight you-especially if its a big job. In some cases I've even seen then block people from getting to their jobsites. Maybe I am anti-union? Nah not totally, but there are some that really abuse the system. This is probably the worst offense..

    They have a place, however, just like everything else in this climate that gets too big can become corrupted.
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