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  1. I am back to trading after a break. I consider myself a beginner. I trade major patterns, such as ascending triangles and head-shoulders. I mess up every day, but learn a lot too. I will post my trades and my reasons here, if nothing else just so I can look back later and see what I have done wrong or right. I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism. Please no trashing TA. If you don't like TA just ignore me. Thanks!
  2. June 4- Bought ASD Oct 80 call@1.45. Reason, huge ascending triangle with confirmed penetration on both weekly and daily charts. Target price of $90.
  3. How long have you been trading ?

    What are you trading ... stocks, options, or futures ?

    What is your time frame ... daytrading, swingtrading ... ?
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    I am glad to see someone posting a journal again. Can you include the charts you used to make your decision?

  5. I have traded stocks for about 2 years(I'm a youngun). I am completely new to options, but limited capital makes them attractive. I trade for major moves and am willing to hold for a few months if need be. I will post my charts once I figure out how. I saw a thread on it just now so I will go read it and then post my charts.
  6. ASD daily chart.
  7. Yesterday, June 3, I bought SDS July 22.5 call@2.26. Inverted head and shoulders, a little sloppy, but I like it. These are my only trades since my return.
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    My advice is never to buy out of the money calls for sheer speculation unless they are in the months further out.
  9. Trajan, I don't plan on buying very many out of the money options, but in this case I did because it has a delta of 37.5, and for how cheap this option is it seemed worthwhile. Today, on a 1.4% stock move my option is up 20% so it is providing excellent leverage. I know today is an unusually good market day so this may be the reason though.
  10. 6/5 Sold SDS and ASD for 19% gain. I changed my mind about holding them because I don't think this current rally is sustainable. I am waiting for a resolution in either direction before taking too many long-term positions.

    Bought EAGL AUG 15 Put @1.16. Reason: Descending triangle, with intraday penetration.(I am betting on a downturn in the market).
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