Newbies. learn to profitably trade in 1 day

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Humpy, Dec 25, 2017.

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    good hunting
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    any recommendations for fundamental analysis?
  3. Humpy


    Fundamentals are whole different ball game.
    The moves are not always obvious as some traders price in a change and anticipate the reaction.
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  4. I don’t know what youa re saying is whether completely works or not, and I have never heard that forex trading can be learnt by 1 day! And fundamental analysis itself requires a good amount of time to be understood and carried out. So how can forex trader learn trading in 1 day? I think instead of short cut, why not the beginners start trading demos so that they can at least learn the basics without any risk of losing money.
  5. Humpy


    Agreed demo accounts are very useful but one should move on to real micro accounts with a view to moving on to real accounts.
    It all boils down to profitability.
  6. spindr0


    1) A "friendly" chart makes a moving average crossover system look easy to trade and consistently profitable. Try one with noise and enjoy the whipsaws.

    2) No one with a successful trading systems sells it. They trade the sh*t out of it because that's where the big bucks would be.

    3) Them that can, do (trade). Them that can't, sell software.
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  7. kellys


    Learning to trade profitably in 1 day. No way!
    You cannot acquire all the knowledge you need in 1 day and 1 day worth of experience is not enough.
    Knowledge and Experience.
  8. tomorton


    Learn to scalp profitably in 1 day? - possibly, but 90% will be broke in a month.

    Learn to follow long-term trends in 1 hour - inevitable, and you will never go broke.