newbies beware of allegations like this.

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  1. I tried these guys service for a month and it is pathetic. IT doesnt work and now he is sending out emails to con new traders. Dont believe ads like this. People cant turn 2K into $250,000 in 10 months .I got conned into things like this in the beginning

    We've been talking with some of our FLOTN (Forex
    Live-On-The-News) traders recently, and have heard
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    Just take a look at what Dimitri has to say:

    "... I can't thank you enough. I am finally able
    to help my friend who recently had a stroke. I
    started with you in February with $2,000. Now I
    have over $250,000 and with my managed accounts I
    am trading with a total of about $500,000. Thank
    you so much. Have a blessed weekend."

    The true benefits of trading with RSS and Auto-
    Trade go beyond just the bottom line, as these
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    Like with Philip, who tells us:

    "I have been trading for quite awhile with you,
    and have done so with some money from my dad as
    well recently. I just had him open a managed
    account opened a couple of months ago, and
    needless to say he is very satisfied with your
    system!! He asked me to pass along his thanks!!
    So Thank you, from myself and my dad!"

    And these success stories are just the tip of the
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    TESTIMONIALS: Trading in the off exchange retail
    foreign currency market is one of the riskiest
    forms of investment available in the financial
    markets and suitable for sophisticated individuals
    and institutions. The possibility exists that you
    could sustain a substantial loss of funds and
    therefore you should not invest money that you
    cannot afford to lose. Please see full disclaimers
    at the end of this email]

    08:55:16 {prospero:joseph} i turned 2,000k in
    10,000k in less than one month

    08:56:02 {prospero:jeff} yeah i've turned 2k
    into 27k

    08:56:08 {prospero:joseph} check that, 12k
    not 10k in a month

    08:56:16 {prospero:evander} I turned 15k into
    300k I'm helping other people...

    08:56:31 {prospero:Nasar} I am up around £35k
    since March

    08:56:33 {prospero:Scott} started with 50k,
    pulled out well over 200k since Spring just news

    08:56:42 {prospero:philip} I started in
    January with 2k now am up to a little over 60k.

    08:56:46 {prospero:cummings} Dustin, been
    with you since march. However moved $3500 to a new
    broker in Oct, account balance is now $7200