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    Supposedly Curtis Faith, an ex Turtle trader, is interested in writing a book on trading.

    Now, being a trader myself, I wonder how on earth such a supposedly elite trader needs to sell books in order to finance his nightclubs. Couldn't he just do that trough his millions in trading profits?

    I feel like there are plenty of pigs being led towards the slaughter houses here?

    Me thinks this charlatan isn't event trading!

  2. Just because he is writing book, doesn't mean he is not trading or is a charlatan...I really do not know Curtis Faith (great screen name) and how would I be able to speculate on just a guess?

    I suppose when a CEO writes a book, that makes his motives jaded, because he is a CEO...

    Or when a TV announcer writes a book, he is a charlatan?

    What happened to good ol' American Capitalism?...

    I applaud those that have the motivation and desire to branch out and share while making money...Don't let your success eat you up...try sharing..

    Michael B.

    P.S. Now with the thread authors message in mind. Newbies, books cannot teach you to trade, but they can give you ideas and inspiration. At least that is the way it is for me.

    P.S.S. I wonder if Curtis Faith might be reading this and I wonder how he feels about writing his book....I try not to read these sorts of threads and Curtis if you are reading this, take it with a grain of salt...
  3. Surdo


    Curtis is an Original Turtle and has been selling his various products, "Trading Blox" since 2002.

    Don't be such a hater!
  4. YOU do not make any real money writing and selling a book on trading unless it is self-published. Trust me. So your assumption that he is writing a book so he can make loads of money on it instead of trading are quite false.
  5. i find writing lets me "vent" or get all the ideas out of my head(yes,i'm weird). my new book is called" do the opposite of me and get rich":p