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  1. HI,

    I would like to use an automated program to trade. Here's my understanding so far:

    1. Open an account with SR and download software
    2. Select a broker that is a SR partner. Open a account with them. In the broker account there would be a way to select "auto strategy"
    3. Select a vendor who offers a program for rent in SR. Ensure they have good track record and paper trade them for some time
    4. Invest the minimum account recommended by the program and start making $ !

    did I miss anything?

  2. 5. Get flamed by ET members.

    Get ready because it is coming...

    PS... I don't know much about creating systems so I'd let you know, but I *assure* you that you have no concept over how successful vendor systems are and how long it will actually take you to develop a successful system.
  3. I also "assure" you that you will definitely get flamed by ET members! I can't help you out but just found the response to your thread amusing and true..

  4. I fixed the error in your post. No need to thank me, as I'm always glad to help!

  5. so you heard of this thing called the stock market and you want to be rich

    YOU are such an idiot

    it takes 5 years

    read my lips

    5 YEARS and that is if you are smart and self aware

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