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    My questions are from the ultimate novice.
    I have no real trading experience, and I have no programming experience. I am looking for recommendations to get started in trading with an automated platform. I am open to recommendations and although I was intending on trading stocks I am open to other markets.
    I have looked at tradestation, rockwelltrading, and ninjatrader. I have read on the site that you can "walk away" from your computer and let it trade for you, is this true?
    I have looked at rockwell because they have an intraday with small account sizes. What size account is needed for your software recommendations? I hope this forum is forgiving, I know these are bottom of the barrel Q's, but I need to learn somewhere.
  2. Why don't you study some books first? Or do you want somebody to just drop some cash in your acct?
  3. That's a harsh reply.

    b1kbk--I think naz stocks is a good place to start and you can automate your strategies with many appl. It all depends what you prefer.

    IB offers you API which has a good rep, but many others are available, it just depends on what you are looking for.

    Tradestation also offer on-line instructions on how to make your first steps into learning the appl. language.

    Mind you I have no experience whatsoever in auto-trading and there are some here on ET who program trade and know better; I hope you'll get some advice from them.

    Good luck!
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    risktaker is exactly right. do some research(including on this board) before posting
  5. Sure, there are people who trade completely automated systems, but they wrote the programs themselves. Can you do that? If you think you can, then you have answered your own question - buy the right books or do the research on here and get a software program and start writing simple systems. Which program? The answers are here at ET. What kind of trading rules? The answers are all here and available if you use the search function. Which books to help you get started? The answers are all here. There is even a decent course on systems development right here on the ET site.

    I hate to say this but I kind of agree with risktaker. There is so much information on this site and elsewhere. We can tell you haven't spent hours researching these boards because if you had, your questions would be different.

    I have a feeling that you will eventually come across the fact that there are systems that are being sold and will then start wondering if you can just buy a system that will provide you with profits. I woud not recommend this option.
  6. "... trading bubbles.... in the wine..."

    Don Ho-
  7. What's weird is all these newbies entering trading in the context of what is really a shitty, dead market where most professionals are struggling. What do these newbies expect, a big warm welcome? The only thing welcome will be the contribution of their cash to the pockets of the many sharks out there!

    I'm sure this is a result of the crooked advertising by sleazy vendors like AdvancedGET, WizeTrade, Optionetics, and all these other con-artists/brokers, etc, promissing the easy life through "trading".

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    nitro :D
  9. That's what these vendors enticing all these dumb newbies ought to use in their advertisements. Instead, they show false smiles, pictures of sailing, idiots with their laptops and winning grins, piles of cash. I'm surprised these hucksters are actually allowed to get away with that kind of garbage.


  10. Puzzles me as to why all of a sudden everyone and their mother wants to be a trader?? This market is not rocketing up everyday like 1999...

    maybe everyone just has too much free money and no responsibility because monetary policy in the US is giving away free money....

    no fear out there.. none...
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