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  1. Hi Guys..Im new to this board and recently graduated with a Ph.D. in nuclear fission from Harvard. While in school , I traded remotely to try and earn extra money. I didn't make a ton of money, only around 200K per year....Now that Im graduated, Im thinking of trading full time because there really is no work for my chosen degree....Does anybody know where a young and up and coming guy like me can get a decent deal? Im not a big trader, I only trade about 3 million shares or so a month...Im looking for atmosphere more then anything else. Commissions are not that important because I already have an extremely low commission rate of around 1.7 cents per share ( and they only charge me 1.0 per share for Island)...I definitely want to trade for a firm that is self clearing...although I know nothing about trading or the industry, I keep getting this thought in my head. Im also looking for some leverage...nothing too big, maybe 25:1 or so...If anyone knows a firm that is a good fit for me please feel free to pm me...:confused:
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    parodies are so great..... :|
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    so you made 200thousand a year while in harvard and you are asking us whats a good firm ? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    how about getting lost
  4. Is that a lot? How much do you guys make?? Maybe I should look around...I have some interviews later this week with a company called Dissent...has anyone ever heard of them?:confused:

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  6. Hey Abby... PM me. I've heard of some great deals at this place they call Shill. It's a little shop off of Wall Street that has a great atmosphere (from what I hear) and a very supportive group of high rollers. Give it a shot!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  7. Echo Trade in the New York office has incredible atmosphere and great deals. Pleasant people, very friendly place and very negotiable.
  8. The boys over @ SS, LLC are the best, either on or off the Street.
  9. Harvard, huh?

    Where in Cambridge did you live? What streets is the campus on or near? What are some of the mainstay restaurants or spots around campus?

    Also, I don't see a nuclear fission PhD program on Please post a link.

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    Old boy, did you not realize this post was a parody, a tongue-in-cheek piece of humor, meant to mock our (ET's) newest Ivy League graduate's quest for the ever elusive advice on proprietary trading firms?
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