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  1. Great site :D

    I've been trading over 20+ years.

    60% Swing
    30% Day
    10% Long Term

    Part time trader since I retired at age 40 (2000)

    Now going Full time :p

    Been reading this site for several months, great info, moderators are reasonable in allowing free speech.

    I've been 90% short since Nov '99.

    Learning about daytrading, I am not a scalper.

    I just made a nice killing in DCEL and NXTL :D

    Thinking about trading "Remote" with Echotrade, any comments?
    Most everything I have read has been positive with them except their software lacks Charting capabilities, I'm a techie.


    FUTURESTRADER (F-Trader) Name was already taken :mad:
  2. ive heard some good things about CALIBER FINANCIAL, they offer remote trading.

    (i dont trade with them so if they arent good its not my fault :D )
  3. Thanks TKO,

    I need Bullets, I'm a Big Short Seller :p

    I usually trade 1,000-5,000sh at a time. I will normally scale my way In/Out, I would like a broker with low per sh cost and a maximum charge per order, Tradestation does not yet offer :mad:

    I was last Series 3 & 7 licensed in 1995, I have not renewed my license, I heard at Echotrade that I may not need to retake the exam if I was previously licensed? I sent an email to Echo today, waiting for a response. I hope not, the test is BS :eek:

    I am still doing searches on this site, very informative.

    I need a broker with good charting capabilities, all inclusive (if possible) low per share, max charge per trade, & bullets.

    Thanks in advance.
  4. F-Trader,

    i've traded remote at Echo for the past year. They have 2 different software packages. Improvements and additions happen almost weekly.

    If you have specific questions send me a PM or e-mail.

  5. LA ECHO

    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    If you have any doubts about our software's charting abilities call me and I will get you a demo to try out for a few days.