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  1. Mercedes


    I'm a new trader, paper-trading for 10 months. I've been working Larry Williams systems and feel confident. I will be short-term trading.

    Trying to find on-line broker with platform that will execute my trade instructions. Want to execute timed entrances/exits (NY open). Also "If, then" type orders. Infinity and IKON can't help me. To the people I speak with, it's as if I speak "Martian".

    Anybody out there... do I need special trading software the types of orders that L.W. teaches or is there a brokerage?

    Last question: Is Genesis software similar to TradeStation in that I can use it to execute trades or is it only testing software?


    Thanks to all in advance!!!! :D
  2. subban


    Larry William's System? Would that be embezzlement or fraud?