Newbie ... would like a critique

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rayearth, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. rayearth


    Some background:
    I just started learning about financials starting about 1 year ago. Started with going long on GLD on Sharebuilder, but got dissatisfied with its very limited options. Moved on to MB Trading in March and opened a daytrading account (e.g. $25K+).

    Software: MB Navigator and Quotetracker.
    Subscriptions: Jeff Cooper's Daily Report to Minyanville (not that I'm using it very much).

    Performance: +30% over 700 trades net of fees in 3 months. Note, I am doing this while trading 7-30% of liquid capital on SKF <b>only</b>. Occasionally held over night but most days not. Most of the time long but recently started shorting (feels odd to short an ultrashort ETF). This is while using ~<1 hr/day of time at the computer and 2 full days a month. Please note that I'm a full time with people and so I cannot spend all day at the screen.

    I could use some critique as I'm slowly gaining confidence for larger positions and possibly try my hand at options. I have not done forex, commodities, etc.