newbie with some newbie questions

Discussion in 'Options' started by sheng, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. sheng


    i reg. for a (virtual account) just to see how every thing works. i made 3 random trades(using only $1100) yesterday . and today im up $400. the funny thing is i have no idea where that money is coming from. the account infomation is so hard to read. if you have a optionshouse platform for anything close to it, can you take a screen shot of the "account" page and point out what everything means. i know its a stupid question but, i'm sure you were a newbie once. :)
  2. ZEAK


    Can't help you with that, but just want to suggest that you give thinkorswim a look. I was using the demo account and found it very easy to find my way around, and the customer support is really outstanding. Well worth a look.
  3. hdawg87


    List your three trades and I will see if I can tell you what happened. Or better yet provide a SS of your demo acc't so we can tell you what you did.
  4. yeah, not to get off topic, but I recently checked out Option House (because of their rates) and ToS based on user opinion and open pricing structure. I took a look at ToS first and I guess that spoiled me - Option House was just gross, at best. Not intuitive at all (IMHO)