Newbie/Wannabee Thread

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Arnie, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. Arnie



    How about starting a "Newbie" thread were 1st timers can ask questions. It seems more and more the "Trading" thread is just filled with the same questions from newbie/wannabee traders. Maybe you could also post some links to sites that could help beginners.

    Apologies for posting this here instead of Feedback, but I would like others to comment.



  2. Cheese


    Newbies ask questions all the time on all threads. And they get a lot of help from established ET members.

    What do you want? Answers from other newbies who don't yet know sh*t from sh*t?

    Already newbies galore comment to each other on existing threads.
  3. Ebo


    How about not posting retarded questions until you searched on ET for the answer. 90% of your answers can be found by doing a search on here.
  4. Cheese


    To clarify, I don't have any objection to newbies asking questions on existing threads.

    Alternatively, as said above, newbies can do a search on ET for the answers they seek.
  5. lindq


    Amen to that. That's pet peeve #1. Following are:

    #2: Newbies who ask questions, receive excellent advice, and never respond, or fail to respond with so much as a thanks.

    #3: Newbies and others who PM asking for advice, receive it, then never respond.

    #4: Traders who continue to respond on threads that newbies start, and the newbies have never once responded. (Many examples of that.)

    #5: And last but certainly NOT least, is newbies giving advice when they don't know their ass from a short sale. (This is nearly as stupid as the newbies who TAKE the advice!)
  6. After all of these wonderful responses, how could anyone NOT want to post here on ET. What a loving community. LOL
  7. dbphoenix


    It would probably help if each "forum" had a FAQ (one for futures, one for options, etc). But the moderators would have to do it since they're the only ones with control over what goes where.

    Otherwise, perhaps those who care to respond at all would at least explain how to use the Search function (using, for example, the thread titles only and not the posts). Those who don't have the coaching gene would do better moving on to some other thread.