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    Hello everyone,
    I am new to trading started about 2 weeks ago and so far have been doing ok. I am trying to find as many top resources as possible so I can jump the learning curve. I have seen a few videos on youtube that were informative, and even joined the daytradingradio site (which I don't get). I have a book that I am half way thru called Trend trading and I learned quite a bit on there. I am looking for some type of video tutorials that really show you everything from the ground up. Any suggestions?

    thanks in advance!
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  4. Why in the world would u want to jump the learning curve ?
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    sorry I should have said accelerate the learning curve
  6. This site is a plethora of knowledge. use the search function. You'll find that your question has been answered hundreds of times here.
  7. If you try to jump the learning curve it will most likely jump you.

    Learn with simulator for day trades . It can be rough on the ego without someone experienced with you..Passion , you need it..its the fuel to continue..lots of books ...try e-bay , I think there are some cheapo DVD's
  8. start with small size

    I spent the weekend totaling up my losses for last year =[