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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by cuscus, May 4, 2007.

  1. cuscus


    Hi All

    I have been trading options for a while and now I would like to learn about trading the S&P 500 emini.

    Where can I get some "newbie" information anbout this?

    I installed the StrategyRunner evaulation but I dont even know where to start with it.

    I'm also willing to pay for those cheap courses (<$200). I know those courses are just hype, but all I need for now is to learn which chart to read, and how to place the trade and what are the risks.

    thanks for all your help

  2. Surdo


    ANYTHING you need to know is available for free.

    Tons of stuff on The CME and CBOT website.

    Try the search function, on this site, and I suggest you paper trade or try The YM Dow contract with one lots first.

    good trading!

    el surdo
  3. Give me the $200 and I will hand over tons of information I get for free at CME website :).

    As noted above, there is more enough info for free to start understanding (not trading) the futures. Never understood why people are so quick to pay for information that is already available.

    Once you understand what the futures are and how they work, then the real research begins. Scan the bookstores for good intro books.

    But speaking from experience, futures are such a different animal from options that you cannot expect to jump in and do well or truly understand how they work so give yourself some time.
  4. We've been accused of having too much free information on our site We do have pay services but check out the free videos, forums, blog , faq for now. I will also answer any of your questions weather your a member or not.

    CajunSniper / Administrator-Trader
  5. KS96


    what's your connection to Mother Teresa?
  6. cuscus


    Thanks guys.

    I thought that a course would teach you only the things you need to know.

    Some sites I can get lost with too much info. Even with this forum, I have just joined and there’s heaps of info and its hard to filter out what I think is relevant. Especially if I don’t know anything about futures trading.

    I’ll check out those sites first. Hopefully it’ll be all I need.
    At this stage, I just want to get a feel of it and paper trade and paper trade.

    Thanks again for your advice and help.

  7. you need to know everything if you claim to know nothing.

    And how can you trust a course to teach you everything you need to know, better to learn all you can and filter it out for yourself :D