Newbie Thread need some answers please.

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Fr3ed0x, May 3, 2010.

  1. Fr3ed0x


    Hello i just started FUTURES trading im interested in low caps ...

    tell me wich futures are good for account with 200$ and position with 0.01 - 0.1 .... with some good profit.
  2. caroy


    stop. save about 20k. paper trade in the meantime.
  3. Stosh


    $200 is not enough for futures trading.
  4. Fr3ed0x


    i cant save so much couse im poor student but i have open FX account on FXPRO so there is a futures option i can trade with mt4 platform i can trade 0.1 lot wich is something smaller + comision + spread ...

    i want to start futures because they are more predictible...

    Tbh my target is 1h timeframe so one position will be opened 1-2 - 7 days...

    give suggestions please ... as i say im poor student i cant arrange 20K capital in near future.... my maximum investment is 200$ ... that's the reason i search for good broker who offer futures... on mt4 they dont want 500$ for deposit + they have good comission and microlots 0.1 :)

    Please help me with some information.

    Thanks in advance.
  5. Dude, didn't you read the first reply? you don't have nearly enough to start daytrading. 10K mininum, and that is really pushing it, imo

  6. kanellop


    Hello from the far away Athens City, Greece.

    I think that you start very wrong your Adventure in the Financial Markets.

    Seems that you had put in your Mind and into your Psychology first, the Word Profit.

    It is Wrong that.

    You must put the Word Loss.

    How much Loss can you afford from your Trade/s and for each Trade separate ?

    You have think that ?

    Also do you have create Trading Strategy/ies for your Trade/s ?

    Meaning what you will do if happen that or something else, in your Trade/s ?

    How you will act ?

    Also do you know some Fundamentals for the Futures that you want to Trade ?

    For example suppose that you want to trade the CBOT Wheat.

    Do you know Informations about CBOT Wheat ?

    Which are the Fundamentals for this Product, for example, not only for U.S.A but all the Globe ?

    So, the best that you have to do is, to try to study some things before to make any move.

    200000 USD listen a lot of Money to my Ears.

    You must keep your Capital first.

    You are very young to start bad and with huge losses.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  7. Il Principe

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  8. kanellop



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    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  9. Kid, dont listen to the ones who tell you you can't trade with 200$. You wont trade REAL futures with 200$ though. FXpro will take the other side of you trade or will hedge his book of 0.1 orther positions by trading futures for themselves. So you must have an account outside the US I guess. And what you are trading must be CFDs or some fuck top thing like that (nothing wrong with that).
    You will most likely lose your 200$ but it's worth it if you learn. Now most of us can't help because futures on "low cap" is not a statement that makes a lot of sense to futures traders. Do you have a list of stocks available or do you want to trade commodities like gold and oil?
  10. Il Principe

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    Yes, the US has a balance of trade surplus in agriculture of $3B. But other countries (Hungary, Brazil, former USSR states, Canada, Australia) are big producers of grain as well.

    Good luck and hope things get better in Greece.
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