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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by clarodina, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Anyone can explain how futures data is used for trading emini s&p. Individual stock has continuation data series but not futures.

    1) Is continuation data use for trading? If a trader is trading emini s&p march contract, does he has to contruct a continuation data following the march contract and vice versa for other month?
    Wouldn't the continuation data price will differ from the contract price?

    2) Does futures contract eg emini s&p that is used for trading include day and globex session, meaning the data will have day session follow by globex session and day session the next day? Or are trader using different set of contract for globex session?

    Really thank you if anyone can explain the future data.

  2. (1) Try to avoid using continuation data for futures. The "rollover" will almost always distort the data. Use the data for the expiring contract and the new contract together to have a clearer picture of what's actually happening. (2) The eMini S&P data is the combination of the day session and overnight session. It's nearly 24 hours of data for each day on a daily chart. You could look at the pit-contract by itself if you only want day session data.