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    I totally agree with this. I have a manual process that I tried to automate by modifying a MetaTrader 4 expert advisor and I could see the potential for the system to generate profits left and right. But unlike you pcll99, I don't have a single year of experience in C/C++ or any other programming language. If I did, I might possibly be able to write code that would properly execute every facet of my system all on its own.

    If you hook up with an experienced trader after their having verified their process for you, it might save you the multiple years it can take to develop a profitable system on your own via reading books and whatnot—and I don’t think I’m exaggerating. Best of luck to you!
    (P.S. I developed my system trading Forex, but since that's now completed, I began working on adapting my approach to trade indices just yesterday, and with my system at least, it's looking like the underlying principles are just as workable with respect to equities and commodities as they have been with foreign currency pairs. I would imaging that it might or might not depend on the particulars of the specific methodology you ultimately settle on.)
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    I have found automation searches for best patterns to be found and discards inferior patterns or lower percentage patterns. It monitors volume, intraday patterns if seeking trades on daily/weekly, whatever you can think of depending on how many filters one has for signal to be viable.

    BUT before going into programming for automation, you better be able to breath chart reading ability and no indicators, learn how to draw trendlines, patterns, failures, protective stops, extreme formations/ending of trend to stop signals. Concentrate more on drawdowns than making money, get drawdown percentages low so you have confidence going in, only area you can control the most is risk. Took me a solid three years to learn enough about charting long long ago when I had to do by hand, and you have to be open on always be studying.

    Excellent free site on charting.

    Free software and data till you use it in real time. software demo&utm_content=Trading Software

    Paid charting software.

    Good luck
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  3. Many brokers have api's for data, analysis and trade execution, find them and checkout docs. You'll need to partner with a experienced successful trader to cut the learning curve. Or you'll spend and 10 years learning how to become a profitable trader. Pm me where are you located?
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    I think Perry Kaufman's books would be good starting point
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  5. Here's a step into your 10 year learning curve.
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    Go work for an HFT firm. If your C++ is good, you will be minting very soon and learning stuff in the meantime. Give it a few years and you'll be able to go to another firm as your own man, with a nice profit split.
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    We can provide API for these languages over Futures, and you experiment with it until you go live.
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    Then do it. Get an account at brokerage that has a C/C++ api, code up your algo, and start trading. What are you waiting for?
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    Hello. Guys and not some kind of program that would collect information and analyze it?
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  10. Wouldn't a successful algo be more profitable being traded vs writing a book disclosing secrets
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