newbie question

Discussion in 'Forex' started by bullsbears, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. Hi elitetraders! I'm new here but have been reading this board for quite some time now.

    Have a question (and i have been back thru this thread) about forex trading.... is there any prop shops that deal with it (a bit like the better equity prop shops) or are most people trading their own accounts?
    I ask b/c most discussions are about different platforms whereas the equity profirm thread is about firms instead.

    I traded equities for a bit, just started playing around with a refcofx demo account, started it on fri afternoon 2/6 and basically went long all vs. dollar, so the 50k fake is now 101k fake realized......but i'd like to learn more about opportunities in forex.

    in case curious, playing a fade of all vs. dollar, sort of an upside down deadcat bounce, maybe a dumb idea, but my laptop doesnt have enough ram to look at the trading station and charts at the same going on price here hahaha.

    cheers all!:D

  2. The main reason why most equity prop shops are set up is to provide extra leverage to the uncapitalized trader. Any business is in business to fulfill a need. Since FX trading already allows for incredible leverage, there isn't a need for retail traders to join a firm. As you have already experienced yourself, it is possible right now to double your money in a day if you really had the guts to try it with real money. There's no business model that I can currently think of that would be beneficial for the FX retail traders market.