[Newbie Question] Where To Get Commodity News?

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  1. I'm new to trading the commodity futures markets, so please bare with me if this question sounds a bit too "newbie'ish." Currently, I trade equities and been slowly making the move over to derivatives. Commodity futures are looking attractive right about now. So far, I've betted on a few commodity futures by basically throwing darts at a board and using technical analysis. Fortunately, I've profited every time, but I know I can't keep doing it that way.

    Unlike my experience in the equity markets, I'm having a hard time finding news and information. With my gains, I'll find out what caused the price of the commodity to soar after the fact. I've made gains on FCOJ, Cocoa and Oil, it was only with the FCOJ that I knew ahead of time what was going on.

    I need a news source that will put me in the know ahead of time so I can position myself before. So far, I'm checking the USDA website and the EIA website. But I would guess that there's a reliable source of live news for commodities, metals, energies, etc., the same way that there is for equities.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. here's a site that sends me a letter I don't read, so don't know how useful it will
    be to you: http://www.barchart.com/#

    I don't bother with the info you want, however there are a lot of sites/blogs that
    concentrate on a particular commodity, suggest you google eg corn, crude etc
    or corn news etc and see what comes up
  3. Would you consider yourself more of a technical trader?
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    I don't think what you're looking for exists, or if it does it'll be incredibly expensive. Maybe that's just the anti-fundamentalist in me. I personally believe that all the news will be reflected in the price, and that price action and price action alone will tell you which way to go. Listen to the market.
  5. There is a such thing as a 'news source' that puts out stories 'ahead of time' ....

    You live in a strange world. Think about that for a second...

    (In case you can't think about it continue reading)

    How can something make the news if it hasn't happened yet? You found a source that only you will have before everyone else, and it's in the news?

    lol... no wonder you're alias is Black Magick, you'd need magic to accomplish your goal!

  6. Reading comprehension > you

    He's talking about getting notices of upcoming inventory releases, crop yields, storage capacities, etc. etc. etc.
  7. How about you suck a dick. There's always gotta be ONE fake tough guy on every board that insults people just for asking questions. Go and play Russian roulette with a semi-automatic handgun, you loser.

    To everyone else, thanks for your help.
  8. Don't worry there are more than 1 on this board. You might look at Futuresource.

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    You mean to say you dont have a crystal ball?
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