Newbie question RE Post-market trades outside BBBO

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MojaveMax, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. MojaveMax


    Why do trades show up in the post-market that are well outside the BBBO? This seems to happen frequently. TIA
  2. MojaveMax


    Could these be trades that were executed during the day, but not posted until after hours? Like dark pool trades?
  3. rmorse

    rmorse Sponsor

    What is BBBO? You could be looking at either sales posted late, or a sale vs an option trade, so it can print outside the market.
  4. Bob111


    they show up during regular hours screw up people with stops, and some guys, who like TA :p
    probably some prearranged trades,but i agree-trades outside of NBBO should be either not posted or tagged somehow or filtered by providers. there is way too many of them all over the place every single day. it wasn't like that 3-5 years ago..
  5. MojaveMax


    Could the post-market trades be trades that actually happened during the regular market but were not posted till later?
  6. cfu


    The trades could've been preferenced to specific ECNs outside the shown BBBO.