Newbie Question: Historical Option Prices

Discussion in 'Options' started by hapaboy, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. I've been trading stocks for a few years and hope to jump into options in the near future. I've been doing a lot of research and like what I see.

    My question, and I hope it's a simple one: Is there a website that lists historical option prices?

    For example, I want to see how the call premiums on FRNT have changed in the past week. Are there charts that show these price changes, as there are charts for stocks?

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    You can chart options at prophet charts either from the option chains page with a 'pop-up chart' or in snap charts and it is free if you don't need real-time info. Hope this helps.
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    Both sources above are workable;
    BUT ESPECIALLY with options, double check prices.

    Optionsxpress gives realtime charts free;
    double check all & knowing a few indexes/stocks helps your gut feel on inaccurate quotes. I also write out closing prices...

    Luv learning - Solomon, trader king
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    the key words here is 'history' I havn't seen any site doing this.
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    Optionvue has historical option prices.
  6. OahuD

    OahuD has free historical option prices going back one year.

  7. I appreciate all the responses.

    Good trading to all of you! :)

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    but I would still want to doublecheck accuracy and due probably to lack of demand ,its nothing like historical accurate stock prices.

    Saw a neat cattle business program on ''History'' channel recently;
    said maverick cattle were nick named because mr. Maverick [a real key name] didnt brand his free range cattle.:cool:
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    Like occasional derivatives & including but not limited to Chicago & Philadelphia & do them right:cool: ; is the worst one
    -no offence intended OhuaD
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