Newbie question for froex traders

Discussion in 'Forex' started by trader333, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. I am a new forex trader, moved from sp emini futures. I want to ask few general questions.

    (1) Which dealer offers least spread between bids and asks.
    (2) Is esignal a good choice. What is their spread.
    (3) Which dealer offers a good value for trader.

    Thanks for response
  2. cvds16


    what do you want to trade ? meanwhile start with taking a look at the forex forum
  3. toby400


    While you're at it look up - a forex trader web site.

    As someone else said " Read the forex threads here."

    Us the search facility for lots of info. on Elite Trader.

    Look under "Misc. Futures" then "Currency Futures" on Elite Trader.

    Good Luck:)
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    Learn from stocks, brokers make you broke, trade with a Bank. (Moderator edit: deleted name of firm) At a fcm/brokerage firm besides them making up their own prices ,so the fact they have 3 pip spreads it does not matter , unlike stocks their is,NO MARKET, I am ex stk trdr . So spreads is a bad way to approach. you want best fills , at a place that won't literally move a market to take you out and you safety of funds.

    Also you want a non-market maker/broker.......a bank

    At a broker your money is with everyone elses so if they have 3 Million only the first 100k is insured , the only way is, if they open a totally segregated account for you, which they do not.
    Their is No SIPC like stocks, so FDIC is best bet in ypu own account.
    Play it safe and smart trade with those that invented forex and deposit your money in a bank acount to trade. (Moderator edit: deleted name of firm)

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  5. corvus


    Esignal is a good choice for forex data and charting.
  6. You are saying to be S&P emini trader, and you still
    don't know that Esignal is a feed and charting package
    which has nothing to do with the spreads as they
    aren't brokers?

    I don't need spread and want to be able to click
    on inside bid and ask price, then you can try this two: they have joined with
    Esignal for trading.

    But they don't have mini forex account, therefore you
    have to deposit more money.
  7. with platinumfx is bit faster and reliable
    than esignal, but the package costs 100$ (250$ monthly)
    more than Esignal, but feed can't support 3rd party software.
  8. Thanks, you just added one more peice of idea to
    my trading knowledge, as i will be trading forex in
    near future.
  9. beware of forex scams.
  10. Thanks for reminder, as i always take percaution
    about firms financial stability, and i had just a
    rough look at that site, and have no intention
    for opening account with them before i do all
    my research
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