Newbie question about trading hours of spot vs futures

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  1. I have never traded leveraged spot forex or forex futures before.

    I have a newbie question about trading hours of spot forex versus CME forex futures. I know that spot forex trades round the clock. Does this round-the-clock trading apply for CME forex futures contracts such as 6A or 6E?

    I would like to start trading forex using futures since futures are better regulated. However, I am worried that forex futures have gap problems compared to spot forex if futures do not trade round the clock like spot. Is my worry valid?
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    futures contracts are open for 23 hours a day.
    Don't worry much about the gap, it is always very little.
    But if you're are not comfortable with that, then close your trade before market close and open tge trade again when market reopens an hour later, you will only be paying extra commission to do so.
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