Newbie Question about IB Margin

Discussion in 'Options' started by JS11374, Oct 27, 2001.

  1. JS11374


    I'm about to start trading options with IB. However, I'm having problems understanding their margin rules regarding spreads. Say, I'm want a position:

    Long Dec 92 Call at 14
    Short Dec 80 Put at 5.6

    Aside from the difference in the prices, how would would I need as margin requirement? Could someone show me how to calculate this? Thanks.
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  3. kenstl

    kenstl that a test question? :D
  4. JS11374


    What test are you talking about?
  5. kenstl


    uhh...the IB test??? didn't you say you were about to start trading options with IB???

    (it was a joke)