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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by voodoo, Jun 19, 2008.

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    if while using NINJA TRADER and i place a limit order, that has not been executed yet but the computer crashed , or NT crashed or something like that, and this happens before the order gets executed put I put the order..

    if while NT, computer closed , prices reach the limit position i set, will it get executed or not..

  2. I'll give you the general answer and let other's comment if there's something special I don't know about Ninja Trader. Your broker should have passed your limit order off to an exchange or market maker. So even if your or your broker's system is down, the order will be executed.

    If the broker has accepted your order but not passed it to the market, they should make good on the order even if they have to take a loss. Of course, they'll fight you all the way, but if the time stamp on the order and exchange price shows your order would have gone through (i.e. limit price exceeded, not just met), they will honor it.
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    I suggest asking your broker or your prospective broker for an answer.

    From what I've seen, brokerage firms have a risk disclosure that anyone who trades online futures must sign. If the system malfunctions and your order is not filled, you assume the liability for it.