Newbie looking for suggestions

Discussion in 'Trading' started by williambit, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Hi, just registered today, can someone give me some suggestions on which ebooks or guides are good for newbies like me?
  2. Hope this helps, in my experience most books cost me money, reading about specific trading setups cost me money, gurus cost me money. The guys here who tell you to spend many hours watching the charts are telling you right, in my humble opinion at least. I have a stack of books and most are just good for doorstops. A couple of exceptions are Market Wizards, for me it showed there are many ways to successfully trade and Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas is good for getting your mind right. Good luck, hope it doesn't cost you too much money figuring this out.
  3. Rex84


    open up a free account, start with one million fake dollars, and trade. Best way to learn.
  4. timbo


    Depends on how deep you want to go. If you want to play, cut your losses short. If you're wanting a career, go with structural learning.
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