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  1. Hello:

    I'm a 21 year old freshman finance major in college and have always been interested in the stock market. I have a few thousand dollars that I am looking to invest and am wondering if anyone would be willing to give some pointers on short-term trading, good books to read, etc. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading! :)
  2. Are you looking to invest or short term trade? You need to be more specific.
  3. I learned a lot from Alexander Elder's "Trading For A Living". JMHO, but with only a few thousand you would be better served to not try and day trade right away. I would recommend to try and do swing trades. No matter what DO NOT use E-Trade. They are the worst broker on the market. Ameritrade is pretty good for a smaller account.

    Good luck

  4. More interested in learning about short-term trading right now. Long-term is also in the plan but later on down the road.
  5. Yeah, swing trading is what I'm looking to do. With Ameritrade right now.
  6. You need to follow the turtles. Its cheap and is from the succesful traders:

  7. I'm so tired of these threads. ET really needs some sticky threads...why we dont already have them..who the hell knows.
  8. Agree and these New Trader FAQ thread should be a sticky thread that's permanently at the top of all threads.

  9. Well cashmoney and nashababi somthing, yaya the candle stick, I here by announce that you guys are idiots,, who forced you to read this post, nor click that mouse button,, you obviously have no time to help , just whine and complain,dont like dont look, as for the initial poster, if your looking to daytrade full time look into proprietary trading firms, if your looking into swing trading, paper trade until you get a good feel for the markets, and then even baby step in with real money down the road,, read all you can, and learn quickly from mistakes, the market is all about patterns, dont expect to dive in successfully right away,, that is the raaare few. gl though,,
  10. Look who's complaining and nobody forced you to read our posts.


    As for the name calling, intentional incorrect spelling of my user name and yaya taunt...

    Leave the personal attacks at Yahoo! and if not...the link below works nicely.

    The point is that Newbie traders will get more help if Baron (ET owner) would put a true sticky on these threads and keep them at the top of the forum in one location (easy to find) because these posts are repetitive on a weekly basis.

    That saves the next Newbie trader a lot of time trying to read through countless of threads to get the same trading tips.

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    Not very helpful in comparison to the past threads...

    Past threads buried among old threads with useful newbie help commentary by many ET members including myself.

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