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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to energy trading and trying to learn the market in depth. Could someone recommend websites/blogs/forums with up-to-date news/information, or basics of products, or some analysis/opinions?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. 1) Why don't you start by doing a little research here on ET? These kinds of requests have been asked a number of times.

    2) asking for websites/blogs is going to get you responses that may just be spam or scams. Avoid anyone who PMs you with links. Keep it in the open so others can make sure they are not spammers...

    Get a life you little piker, let people ask whatever they want, you're a jerk dude.
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    for everyone's information, I found the following website (EIA)
    that gives us lots of information

  6. Cheese


    Both CL and NG continue to facilitate daily net profits, day on day, for putting together a plan of consistent success for the individual trader.

    Follow the intraday gyrations. There were 5 gyrations on Tuesday Oct 27 2009 for CL during the session 10am-2.30pm (gyration = 2 legs, up & down or down & up). The price range was 197 points. Devise or adopt a reliable methodology to exploit the days gyrations, buying the upmoves and selling the downmoves sequentially.

    The sequence in Tuesdays gyrations (up/down repeating 10.00 to 14.30 on Oct 27) produced 10 macro 'legs' of minimum 35 points each. The mean average of those 10 'legs' was 86 points per 'leg'. Therefore between 10.00am and 14.30pm, thats more than 850 points which were on offer.
  7. Bloomberg will have the relevant information, but unless you are actually qualified and educated in macroeconomics and international finance, I don't think the starting place is finding data to trade on. Read some books and study economics and just international finance first. When you do, I think you'll have a better big picture to be able to place trades in the microcosm of individual trades set in the context of global energy markets.
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    are u using some form of market profile to track or capture these moves