Newbie looking for a Prop Firm in Montreal

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    This isn't for me but I am wondering if there are any Prop Firms in downtown Montreal (like Swift, no down payment preferred) looking to hire new people.

    The trader is a female studying at university and already has some experience at Swift in Toronto (100-500 shares).
  2. title isnt downtown, but they dont ask for money, there is a swift office, but i dont know if they are taking new traders. outside of that there are golden who is in mtl and a couple of smaller groups which i dont know the name and lastly wts, who all ask for deposits.
  3. Hey I work now at lynx trading and have been there for 2 months. So far everything has been great. It is a smaller firm which is only a few years old and is only now starting to attract more traders. So far they are a lot better then the only other place I ever worked in Montreal, Golden Market Management. At lynx I get 80% profit compared to 65% at Golden, I get 30 times my deposit (vs 20 at Golden), my daily stop limit is 5 times as high (1000$ vs 200$ at Golden), and best of all there is no pressure. At Golden I swear by God I would make 500$ in a day and I would get 2 emails from the managers telling me I am not trading enough volume I have to change. They push you around because they are full of themselves I think. The managers do not even make any trades and they would constantly be telling me I was not trading properly even when I made money. I would increase my volume and get bumped out of my positions because of the low daily stop loss they have. It was frustrating to say the least. Also I was promised overnights at Golden and only found out when I did not close a position that what they meant was only after a long time with them would I be allowed overnights. This was not how they presented it in the job interview and it caused me to lose about 400$ the day I had to close a position overnight on a low volume stock I thought I could hold. Anyways I suggest Lynxtrading to anyone, like someone said they are really easy they have a minimum deposit of 1000 dollars and they should give you 30 x on whatever you leave them. I am no expert but I do know that Lynxtrading rips Golden Market Management.
    pm or email me if you still have questions
  4. Golden doesn't provide "leverage" and having managers who aren't trading seems like a better idea, especially if an issue came up, who would they worry about first? the trader or themselves? I trade overnights at Golden, but I've been with the firm for many years and they know my style, it came with time, but it works for me. Perhaps Lynx trading worked out better for you, but not necessarily for everyone....
  5. lynx has managers who do not trade as well, and i understand your point. but my main point was that Golden forced me to overtrade by threatening to close my account all the time and made me uncomfortable. also i have no problem waiting to build a trust before i am allowed overnights, but do not promise them from the start in the interview then.
  6. Good luck/
  7. Which one of the firms do allow remote trading from outside Canada ?
  8. lynx is ok, not for everyone..but at least they are an honest firm as far as i know.

    lion pride offers attrative deals but never return your money.
    everest capital offers aggressive deals but has high risks of going out of business due to poor business management.
    globus can go bust anytime.
  9. I heard swifttrade montreal was the best branch. They have this guy there that makes tons of money and is super cool. He is a legend. He is known to dress VERY well at work. He'll be easy to recognize when you go in.
  10. Good to know, maybe he can do my laundry.
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