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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Schlachtschwein, May 22, 2002.

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    Gruß dich, wie geht's? I am also looking for a broker to trade the sp mini....from researching around the web and some recommendations I've heard Ascend Trading offers great competitive prices on the PATS systems, they quoted me$4.8 RT +pats, it's a new company and i've heard they have great customer service and support networks, so give it a look if you're interested. Tschüß.....Viel Glück mit alles!!!
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  2. How can a firm not accept Canadians. If you converted your money to US dollars and funded you account there should not be a problem. Or am I missing something?
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  3. I know that you can open an account with FFastTrade through an agreement they have with Bank of America and the Bank of Nova Scotia. You will be able to fund your account with canadian currency. They have very competitive pricing. I was given the following deal: Remote pro: $550 per month system charge and $.50 per side OR $500 minimum system fee offset by $1.50 per side. The second option makes sense for a lower volume trader, but the first 333 lots go to pay for FFastTrader their execution system. The first option is for anyone that trades over 400 lots per month. Either way the Account is debited for the $500 or $550 at the beginning of the month.
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  4. I use IB...ES emini fills in a second or less on a 56K modem.
    No complaints here...

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    ffast is an introductory rate.
    anyway, sollicitation is not allowed in this forum.
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  6. Canadian_Dude could probably answer the question better, but what I heard was some kind of Canadian government intervention to keep business at home. ?? (just what I heard, mind you)
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    Canadians or no Canadians, IB is the way to go...
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  8. There are some guys ( ) who control the market: Investments Dealers Association of Canada :D
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  9. Many US brokers have told me they are not legally allowed to accept Canadian accounts. It has to do with them violating a Canadian securities law. I find that absurd, why would a company located in the USA worry about a foreign law. And Canada is the ONLY country in the world that some of them refuse to take business from. They will take business from Iraq, Iran, and North Korea..... but not Canada.

    Basically the laws are there to protect uncompetitive Canadian brokers, so they can overcharge us all. When E-trade moved into Canada legally, they doubled their rates for Canadians, even though the service was the same as they provided for Americans.

    A few securities brokers will take Canadian business, maybe about 10% of them. I don't know how they get around the law. Either they don't care, or the clearing firm has registered within Canada. I have also been asked to sign a piece of paper stating that a futures broker did not "recruit" my business, I guess they figure it is OK as long as I came to them.
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    try GNI--they specialize in e-mini's
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