newbie is looking for a broker

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  1. hi all,

    i am looking for a broker with

    -- daytrading margin :cool:,

    -- low commisisons :D and

    -- no account minimum :eek:.

    i am trying to scalp the sp mini.

    greetings from germany

  2. FFastTrade has a very good trading platform and very reasonable rates.

    They charge $550 per month for the system and $.50 per side transactions fees. You will be responsible for Exchnage fees. They offer CME, CBOT, LIFFE and Eurex.

    They also will allow you to use their simulator to get familiar with the trading platform and get a feel for the E-minis.

    It is the only Simulator that uses real-time prices and depth of Market straight from the CME's matching engine.
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    Not the only one - Tradecast does the same.
  4. the no account minimum and than trying to do your own thing might be a problem.

  5. Tradecast has a live simulator for Stocks! I do not believe that they offer a Live simulator for Futures.
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    You right, sorry.
  7. I have been extremely happy with e-local, but its a $7500 minimum account. very reliable and phone service has been great. the price is only $6.50 RT if you do 1000 contracts a month.
  8. do the math : for active traders elocal is a crappy deal.WAY WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!

  9. Hey dude(no pun intended) might want to check out They charge $4.80 a rt and no
    minimum to trade. They'll be accepting Canadian accounts starting June 1
  10. well, you just answered your own question. IB does not accept Canadians, at least not right now. E-local is the cheapest firm I know of that accepts Canadians.

    And even when IB does take Canadians, I don't know if I would want them. I have seen a lot of people post various complaints about there here.
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