Newbie in european markets - data and broker question

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by 50 cent, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. Just starting to have a look at the european futures (dax, cac, estx50, ftse).

    Which data feed and brokerage are you guys using? Are you using eSignal and IB? Are there any other?
    Is the eSignal european feed timely and reliable (for eurex, liffe)? How about the IB feed and executions?

    Any opinions or recommendations appreciated
  2. Ditch


    I use e-signal and IB, no complaints about both. However, more often than not the moves in especially ESTX suck. Trading the first two hours in NQ i often make more than a whole day in ESTX-50.
  3. Thanks.. I already noticed the estx50 will require going in with more size.

    By the way gfetc, better known to us through their introducing broker AF, will let you trade european markets without even converting money into euros! Their margins are also good however their commissions should be pretty high comparing to IB.

    More opinions welcome...


  4. I gave up trading ESTX and DAX intraday. It ain't worth the time anymore. I only focus on NQ and I'm happy with that. I can sleep very long in the morning and I'm very relaxed when US- markets start. By focusing on only one future market I make less mistakes and my discipline and concentration is much better.

    So less working hours and less stress but more money in the end.

  5. Futuresource's Pronet worked pretty good for me when I dabbled last year. Consider them.
  6. Transact Futures

    Transact Futures Transact Futures

    If you are lookin for a broker we would be glad to help. Obviously our cost is .55 a lot for european markets plus exchange fees. The Euro Stox is about 1.80 a RT depending on the exchange rate. We have a PRO trading platform for the Eurex Markets. Actually our prop group is here through out the night trading Eurex. If you would like a demo or would like to know anything eles I would be glad to talk to you about costs, margins and exchange fees and depending on how much you trade platform fees. You would be able to trade both US and German markets on the same screen at no extra costs.