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  1. xrod55


    Hey guys,

    I'm new to trading. Is there a specific area of the forum where I should be posting regarding newbie questions?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. yes, americans don't take a noun and then add an eee to it it, that is considered substandard, and since ET is an international site many Englanders ignore this violation and do it routinely.

    For instance, they call cigarettes "cigies" and no self respecting American would do that.

    So, you have to wonder how they order Pizzas. If you have pledged to a Greek Fraternity you already know to call it "Zah"

    Because in America we drop the first syllable.

    One can only imagine the horror of being granted a Rhodes Scholarship and answering the door announcing "The Zizieas are here."

    "ieies" is ok in the bedroom when you may want your woman to refer to her her breasts as "titiies"

    but generally in the company of men, refering to yourself as a newbie is a mark against your future developement.

    Many nowadays take it a step further and refer to themselves as noobs, which us oldtimers can't divorce from boobs.

    But generally, you would be better to ignore the simple nickname formulas that both the English and Australian use and adopt the Amercan practice of dropping the first syllable.
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    I am totally amazed you gave that post so much attention...
  4. Bob111


    here..what's your question? how to make a lot of money fast? :)
  5. you should change your handle to "The Bee Man" otherwise the only replies you will get is from Englanders and Austrailians.
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    This nick attracts more trolls....
  7. I get very nervous on Sunday, That forex gap can be really big, or not. I'll talk to anybody about anything just trying to zap the nervous energy.

    If you have a problem any problem, just ask me on a Sunday and I will have an answer.

    It might not be a decent answer, but then again, you didn't want a decent answer, you just wanted to burn off some Nervous Sunday Afternoon Energy.
  8. OP,

    Use the search function a lot to search about a particular area you are wondering about, it helps. Take everything here with a grain of salt too, There are 1000's of opinions from 1000's of people. It's a big opinion orgy with fighting, and wiener comparing but welcome :) ET hall of fame threads has some good stuff if you dig around.
  9. xrod55


    Okay, so the answer is "no", there is no specific forum for novice traders?
  10. 2sorh


    u have come to the right website, 99% of posters here are new to trading. Some may have stayed here for years, but they still have no clue about trading. That means they are as new as anyone who has been here for only 2 weeks.

    In other words, no matter how long they have been posting (some posted as early as 2001), they are NEW or newbies or noobies.

    Newbieness is not measured by how much time they have been posting here.
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