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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by pug, Dec 3, 2002.

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    Bear with me. Been studying 1.5 years. Read Farley, Velez, Nison, Pring, Turner, Crabel and others. Employed with ability to trade at work.
    Goal: Swing trading for wealth building and supplemental income.
    Needs: Software for scanning, execution, backtesting and real time charting. Also a good broker.
    Considering: eSignalw/Amibroker/IB or MB Trading
    MasterTrader/RealTick/Oz Scanner
    TradeStation Securities

    Which of the above packages offers the best combos to meet me needs at a reasonable price, starting w/100 share trades and moving up slowly. Alerts would be helpful as well.

    Getting ready to pull the trigger. Suggestions?
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  3. ib
    forget backtesting until you learn more.
    pick 20-30 quality stocks that make money and have low debt.
    stay away from the hot stocks until you have experience.
    learn the ranges they trade in and play them.
    start small and keep costs low and try to last long enough to learn the game.
    wait for the trade to come to you.
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    Thanks vhen. Good advice. I'll start there. :)
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    For swingtrading, TC2000 has very nice scanning capabilities and is cheap. If you need intra-day data, I second the recommendation of qcharts.