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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by hapaboy, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. What are the symbols for the ES and NQ on Yahoo finance?

    Also, how liquid are the markets in the E-minis? I'm wondering if there are situations where the bid or ask depth levels are extreme....

    Finally, is there a good educational website about trading these (not the CME or CBOT - I've already looked at those)?

    Comments appreciated.
  2. matthew


    For liquidity, you can almost always see 50 up on each side in either of these contracts. Often there are hundreds on the bid or offer, so I think most traders are perfectly safe using market orders in normal market conditions.

    I don't have the answer your quote symbol question, maybe a yahoo user could help.
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    I don't know if you can get e-mini quotes on Yahoo, but the symbol for the most actively traded contracts are ESM02 or ES02M for the e-mini S&P 500 and NQM02 or NQ02M for the nasdaq 100 e-mini. The base symbol is ES or NQ, the M stands for the contract month which is June and the 02 is the year 2002.

    Unless you have a data feed, real time charting or broker software such as J-trader you will probably only be able to get delayed quotes. used to have real time e-mini charting for free, but I think they now charge. Anyway, the reliability of the free charting/qoutes was not very good and is not something you would want to trade off of.
  4. At this point I'm just learning and just trying to find a website where I can look at an intraday chart of the E-minis. The symbol ESM02 definitely does not work at Yahoo Finance.

    Somebody must know of a site I can go to to get the day's chart of the E-minis. Basically something similar to yahoo Finance but for futures...

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  6. Hapaboy,

    For future quotes, you could go to

    They have delayed quotes for commodities, but for the E-minis, it's real time snap shot. :D

    The symbole for the June contracts are ENM2 for the E-nasdaq, and ESM2 for the S&P.

    For those who are interested in spread charts, I found this very nice site :

    Cheers! :p
  7. everyone. I appreciate the comments!

    You da man dojibear!:)
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    For delayed e-mini charts, try

    In the enter symbol field, enter ES2m, then select live chart from the drop down menu to the right, then submit. That will take you to an e-mini S&P chart with time and sales to the right of the chart. I believe the chart is delayed by 10-minutes during the day session, but is real time at night.