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    I am looking for books or any info to teach me day trading, stuf for a newbie. I do have stock and I have had for a few years. I am looking to get much more invovled in trading. I am currently reading Trading for a living by Alxander Elder. But I feel like there is info I am missing before I should be reading this book. Any suggestions??? thanks

    I am invested in COH, PTC and ACU


    Look, please don't get offended by my post but if I asked you to suggest me a book on how to become a doctor (lawyer, mechanic, pilot etc) what would you say? You can not learn trading (especially day trading) just by reading a book. If anybody else suggests that you can or points you to some people like WizeTrade .... run! Run fast!
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    I am not offened but I think you missunderstood my question then. I still need the basics, I was not asking for a miracle book to make me a succesful daytrader i was mearly asking for a basic honest book to help me learn day trading. Some books tell you top day trade using the stars or other gimmicks this is not waht I am looking for. But also i cannot just buy and sell in the market not knowing what my descions are based on either


  4. not trying to flame in any way, but are you suggesting that doctors, lawyers, mechanics, and pilots don't ever have a text book to learn from?
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    Why don't you just go the "books" section on this site and see what they have there, plus you can read the reviews.
  6. I think Links High Probability Trading is a decent introduction to trading for someone who is starting out. He covers the basics and doesnt make it sound easy like a lot of them do.
  7. Networth, you might want to take a look at this site. There is a link for a rental site to over 500 dvds and education courses that would give you a lot of different things to look at without having to buy books first.
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    Thanks easyrider thats basically all I was looking for . I have an endless supply of books to read since I am a Manager of a major book store company. I mean I could just read them all LOL but I was just looking for reading suggestions to get me started...

    Thanks again easyrider

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    Hey thanks sundance thats awesome
    thanks again great info there


  10. I highly recommend you reading "The Master Profit Plan"

    It is the best resource for starting out IMO

    Try to google it because i am not sure if it is being sold in brick and mortar stores.

    Good Luck

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