Newbie asking how could i get the 100 millisecond chart?

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  1. Hi All, it is my first thread here and also i couldnot consider myself one of the elite trader yet. However, i have a question that i expect one of the elite trades might have an answer to help me with.

    I am interested to get the 100ms chart. Currently i am using amibroker but still canot go beyond second level so if there is any way i can find an execution and charting software that can give me this 100ms charts for forex.

  2. Sub-second forex scalping is not beginner territory..
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    if you are asking for 100 millisecond chart then you better have 100K computer autotrading platform upfront to execute the trades. you are venturing into the autotrading territory..........that is nothing that you see with an eye and then click for trade. :D
  4. Autonomic reflex responses are 200-300ms. So lol to this thread.
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    Think in pennies, you make pennies. Think in dollars you make dollars.---EF.

    let me save you $$$ and time, that i wasted for both of us,,, go larger, 10-15min or larger, and do swing as well.

    you make more, loose less and have less stress,, sounds like a good combination.

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    i wouldnt get that if i were u. that may freeze your computer or your cpu usage will be at 100% constantly
  7. You see forex is plauged by relativity theory. What counts as 100 ms for one broker is 150 ms for another broker. Like in relativity theory, the interval depends on relative distance and speed of the feed.

    To make a long story short, what you will count as 100ms will be 130 ms for another user or 150ms for another one and what they will see as 100ms will be 200ms for you,and so on. Useless staff...
  8. I think there are now low latency execution systems that would make it more for retail traders to utilize. However, i didnot mention i will go manual. I have a strategy that fit will with such short time frame. Shorter time frame, less risk strategy.

    Supercomputers howerver can be built at home now :).

  9. Did i say manual trading. but i agree LOL but not for the thread..
  10. Agree but pennies and dollars is depending on the leverage not on the time frame.

    for the rest, i disagree . larger frames means for me more risk.

    but thank you for your time and patience.
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