newbee questions: to get the market quote for 10 yr bond futures ZN.

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by pepper_john, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Hi, hope someone with more experience could help me on this. I am having trouble with getting the market/historical data for ZN in the Interactivebrokers TWS c-api ( have no problem with other futures).

    My setup is

    Contract c;
    C.secType = *SecType::FUT; = *Exchange::E_CBOT;
    C.primaryExchange = *Exchange::E_CBOT;

    The error message that I got is

    "200 = Invalid destination exchange specified"

    Many thanks
  2. rwk


    Try "ECBOT" for exchange. In general, what works in the TWS usually works in the API too.
  3. thanks, tried it but got the same error message.
  4. rwk


    I just tried it with edemo/demouser, and it works for me. I ran this test program: C:\Jts\TestActiveXClient_VC\Release\client3.exe
  5. thanks. will check it against my version.
  6. yep. set exchange to "ECBOT" solves the problem. thanks.