Newbee Needs A Good Online Trader.

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by DrAtomic, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. Even if true, it doesn't make someone ready.
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  2. DrAtomic


    I'm ready to go for it because I make 10K every 2 weeks so it chump change to me, any other questions? I'm here to learn not to argue with haters. Don't come into my thread and disrespect me, thats real low class. :mad:
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  3. zdreg


    if you think that posters here are disrespecting you, wait till you see what the market does to you.:D

    i don't believe you are making the money that you claim.
    is the money earned through legal activities
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  4. DrAtomic


    I have to take the 5th on that one brother. :cool:
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  5. Dr. Atomic, I know, you must be a rocket scientist with a handle like that with such a short fuse :)

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  6. DrAtomic


    Like I said before I'm just here to learn. Why can't we all just get along? I'm new to trading and very green yes, but that does not mean I am an inbred. I'm 27 years old I own 2 small homes, have a legitmate business set up out of 1 of them, no its not moving 10 kilo's of coke! I have some investment capital that I would like to put in the stock market. You all started somewhere right? Or were you all just born stock pro's? I could buy another home but I would rather learn something new and maybe better in the long run. I'm just a normal guy with a wife 2 dogs and 2 cats trying to make life I little better for us. :)
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  7. Atomic, good for you. Just put the lousy $10k in some mutual fund and forget about all this trading bullshit. Virtually 90% of the posters here lose money, so how would you be any different?! The other 10% aren't going to reveal jackshit to you, so don't even bother.

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  8. The average guy does not make 10k every two weeks...But I guess I would trade anyways...

    This is a traders board. We lose money here we don't invest it...

    But I would say go to if you want to trade equities, like a previous poster recommended.

    Michael B.

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  9. DrAtomic


    I have been tracking myself on paper for the last year and have been doing very well. I have no doubt in my mind I will make money. This money is risk capital and I am going to risk it. As far as most people not making 10K every 2 weeks please. I have a friend in the loan business that made over 500K last year. Hell I got a buddy in construction that gets 60 dollars an hour. Now thats only about 5K every 2 weeks but thats for pounding a freaking nail. Not to bad. The 10K that I start out with is chump change like I said. Even if I doubled up in a years thats nothing. I plan on having 250K in stock by age 30.
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  10. wabrew


    Give him a break - If he wants to lose $10,000 trading, let him at it, who knows, his losses might be our gains.

    Atomic asked "What online broker is best?"

    I would recommend E-Trade (I do not know anything about the others) because I use them and am very satisfied. It is a great B/D to learn on because it has a lot of features that are free. You can goto their website for a demo.

    If this link does not work - goto - click on 'trading & portfolios' and then click on 'power etrade' - You can see a demo of their features. I understand they are offering 100 free trades to new Power Etrade customers.
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