Newbee Needs A Good Online Trader.

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by DrAtomic, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. DrAtomic


    Hi, I am very new to trading but feel I am ready to go for it. I just want to start with 10K. What online broker is best? I heard Scottrade is a scam, can someone please enlighten me? Thanks!
  2. Go for Mbtrading or
  3. Choad


  4. not sure if IB will take newbies

    maybe ETrade ?
  5. More importantly, why do you think you are ready to "go for it"?
  6. hajimow


    If I were to choose between Ameritrade and Scotrade,I would go with Scotrade. It is far better.I have the experience of both of them. Currently I am trading with IB and IB has left other brokers in dust. No reason to look back.
  7. GTC


    Is the broker's stock research capability important for you? How often do you plan to trade? Do you plan to short a lot? How important is commission for you? Are you willing to use this 10k for your practical educational purpose?
  8. Excellent, when I read his post this was the first thing to pop into my mind!

  9. Maybe he can afford to throw away 10.000$.
  10. That was my second thought,, therefore I did not post...

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