(newbe)-studying historical prices

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ivano, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Ivano


    Hi Gekkers,

    sometimes I try to understand the specific causes of the fall of the prices for some company in a period quite far (with google, or yahoo finance), for instance Amazon from December 99 till nov 2011, or better what happened from Dec 99 till Jan 2010, why the wave goes up a little in January.
    How can I know what was happening at that time, so that i can logically understand if there is the likelihood such a dreadful events could appear in the future.
    A friend of mine that is a trader told me I should look Bloomberg or FT, but on their site I cannot access to these news. As italian I can access to the site Repubblica that has an huge temporal database, but they do not manage too much the Nasdaq.

    I thought maybe i have to pay a subscription, but well at the moment is only an hobby backed by a simulator my trading wanna be dream, so I am wondering if I can find a source to fathom in the stock history( English, Italian, Dutch, Spanish or French should be fine in order of preference)

    Off topic= Also quite fun if I look up in google stock history, it gives me the history of the stock exchange:cool: and I am not surprised that has been invented here in Netherlands the modern version:), also as Italian it was nice to see that Venice was quite important.