Newb wants to start backtesting

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by johnstac, Aug 7, 2012.

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    As a newer trader I feel I could benefit from as much time in front of actual charts as possible. Not really backtesting at all but just want to watch a chart and see if I can identify trends, etc. So let me ask this. Aside from the regular trading day, if I wanted to see a ticker (let's say the ES)from days, weeks, etc in the past just to practice price action, how would I set that up?

    Right now I am using IB with a paper trade account and also Ninja Trader. How does it work? To be able to push play and see activity play as it if it was really happening. Not sure if Ninja Trader can do that. Just need some advice if anyone has the patience to deal with me. Thanks.
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    So you link NT to IB. Then you create a chart with ES and set numbers of days back. This gives you the chart plus allows you to trade real time in sim mode.

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    Yes, and in fact I contacted NT and they told me that they have recorded data from previous trading sessions that can then be used during the off hours. Thanks for the reply.