New Yorkers Can Be Such Assholes

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    The search for two missing boys on Staten Island has ended tragically.

    The NYPD spent more than two days searching a marshy area off Father Capodanno Boulevard.

    The boys, 4 and 2, were with their mother trying to leave the area during the height of the storm Monday when their SUV hit a tree and stalled.

    Glenda Moore and her boys got out of the car and went to a nearby home looking for help, CBS 2 Emily Smith reported.

    Moore knocked on a man's door for help but he said no and turned her away, Smith reported.

    Moore was then clinging to life hanging on to a railing when a surge of water came up and took her 4-year-old son Connor, and her 2-year-old son Brandon who came right out of her arms, Smith reported.

    When the water receded, the boys were nowhere to be found.

    Their bodies were found Thursday morning in a wooded marsh.

    Moore was on the scene when police confirmed her worst fears, Smith reported.
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    that is painful.
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    Losing your house, your neighborhood, your belongings is nothing compared to what happened to that poor woman. And, just because someone refused to let her into his house during an emergency.