New Yorkers are Idiots....There. I said it.

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    If you're going to ride out a major hurricane, on the coast, after an evacuation order, and you have nothing stockpiled - food, supplies, fresh water, generator, tents, gas...nothing! - excuse me, but you're a fucking moron. Clips like these of local yobs, single moms and the like, shocked the grid might be down for weeks, no car, no water, no phone, empty shelves on the grocery store, and that the Government wasn't there to wipe their ass after the first 12 hours, uh...yea, hunny. You CHOSE to ride out a HURRICANE with two kids, totally unprepared. What did these pampered morons think? Life would go back to normal after Day#2? And the expectation that the Government should be right there to rescue their dumb asses. How many retards live in this country? Don't they realize there's only a finite amount of emergency services available, and during a natural disaster, there ain't much to go around, because most people are dummies (like you) and expect the Government to rescue their lazy asses? Same shit with Katrina. Nobody was prepared. Fuck, they had an entire week.

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  2. I was thinking the same thing, but, I still feel sorry for them.
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    I feel sorry for them, too. They're still dumb....
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    Liberal think. The government will come take care of me. Obama said so.
  5. What the current mayhem proves is how completely unprepared we are for a REAL disaster. Imagine a attack on our power grid. Weeks, months without power. Our society will self distruct. Compare how the Japanese acted after the giant tsunami devasted their country, and how we act now after what is comparatively small potatoes. Something big, really big ever hits this country and it over, and I mean over for good.
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    Agree on all counts. More reason to buy a farm, way the heck out of dodge, and stockpile.
  7. Someone drew a gun out at one of the gas stations after a person cut in line.
    How come Con Edison didn't attempt to safeguard the power station against flooding?

    Interestingly, the Japanese have these huge tunnels they build outside of Tokyo in Saitama where they use turbines powered by jet engines to drain the water out.
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    Our coastal city governments aren't that smart. There was a proposal for NY for the type of barrier some European countries use that would have prevented the storm surge from flooding the city. It would have cost $6 Billion. The city said no, too expensive. So, now they have at least $20 Billion in property damage, $30 Billion in lost business and all the death and pain.

    Our politicians can't think any further than the next election.
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    Some were prepared. I have a relative who called me from NY the night before landfall. He had never experienced a tropical storm. He did what he needed to but he did say many were out doing the usual partying, dining, and life as usual for the city.

    I'm sure many others did prepare, though. Some people actually believe "it can happen here".
  10. Flood damage in NYC is far far less than that. I'd be surprised if Manhattan sustained more than 200,000,000 in flood related damage.
    The outer boroughs have extensive shorelines. Staten Island is surround by the Atlantic. You would need about 250 miles of 20 foot levees.

    Beside's, pspr, we all know there is no such thing as global warming and this event - A huge Hurricane striking this area at high tide- has few known similar occurrences since the Colonial days. Why spend a fortune for a 1000 year event? If you believe in global warming, then you are right, NYC should prepare for even higher storm surges in the furture. But since global warming is a libtard hoax to control God fearing people's lives, then this weather event is a total outlier and we need not concern ourselves with it happening until around 3000 AD.

    If you start calling New Yorkers stupid, and I doubt you have ever been to NY, you might want to do so in an intelligent way, which means finding someone way smarter than yourself to write your posts.
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