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  1. Traders, Fund managers, institutional, whatever, I just wanted to know peoples screen names and the like, figured this is a good a places as any to do some networking, exchange ideas/strategies, gossip on the street, whatever. Im looking to get as many different ideas as possible from other traders as well as open up some new relationships/contacts.

    PM me if you dont want Everyone to know what you dont want them to know.
  2. i have to update my profile, im a trader. Im going to be setting up a fund soon, already in the process, raising assets, talking with lawyers, etc, but its going to be quite a process. I'm just looking to get to know some more trader's out there and start some more relationships.
  3. I am a seasoned trader (both in years and trading experience) living in Brooklyn.

    My main interests are healthy living, contemporary art and staying successful in trading.

    Most recently I have been scalping the ER2 and CL futures.

    My friends in the trading world are dispersed geographically. Things common in our backgrounds and our trading styles cement our relationship.

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    I've been trading quite a few years, mostly a systems trader, futures and equities trough IB.
  5. chivas


    New guy here. referred by another member on another board.

    going to lurk and read and learn. gotta start somewhere sometime.

    oh, i'm in Fort Lee, NJ... does it count as NYC? :D
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    Do you know Richard Feder?
  7. Im not familiar with the fort lee area, but that doesnt mean you cant establish relationships here in NY, the more the merrier.