New York Traders Expo

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  1. Will there be or will ET be hosting any formal/organized gathering

    or social event for ET menbers???

    Thanks for any info.

  2. ?
  3. EricP


    I will be at the Expo this year. Would be nice to run into some experienced traders from ET.
  4. hmcp


    I live in ny wasnt planning on going to the expo but would like to meet some other traders from et
  5. RedDuke


    I will be at expo on Sunday and Monday
  6. I usually try to attend at least one session of the annual

    NY EXPO ...

    having been a trader and worked in the biz most of my adult life

    I will try to give encouragement to anyone who is struggling

    if asked at the expo

    anyone can change the letters spelling

    "loser" into "winner"

    - been there done that -

  7. yeah, going to be a blast! looking forward to seeing some of you at surfer fest 666 fifth penthouse sat @ 8. we are at mela 44th st right now, going to gold street downtown late late night saturday after the surffest.... gonna be funnnn.

    best, surf
  8. gaj


    will be going on sunday...arriving about 930 am.

    if anyone wants more info, pm me. i'm probably going to tailor or momofuku downtown early sunday evening (530? 6?) for some of the best small plate food in nyc...
  9. cstfx


    NY Traders Expo

    Wow, what a waste of time. Was hoping to gleam SOMETHING, but alas, no such luck.

    Which is why I said in a previous thread, the Expo to go to is Vegas, because even if (when) it sucks, you still got Vegas baby. Instead all we got today was Kosovo independence yahoos.
  10. LOL, what'd you expect?

    It's OK to talk shop though, and I like being in the atmosphere, regardless, seeing as how trading is such an isolated endeavor. Fact is, everyone can usually get something from the experience. I'm having a good time getting confirmation on a few pieces of the puzzle that I needed (not overtrading, psychology, working on my mental game, coaching, etc.), and look forward to the live trading on Tuesday (just to see what other folks do).

    In regards to the hardcore vendors though, one way to tell how usefull/useless a vendor's product might be is by the babe quotient ... generally the hotter the women at the kiosk, the more useless the service is for real trading.

    As with any trading rule, not always true ... but a good rule of thumb! :D
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